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Robert and Mary here, we are a VERY horny couple... We will share photo's of us but only in private messages or email us sexbetweenus at gmail dot com ;)
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Worshipping cock is really about two things:

  1. Fervent earnestness that shows his cock is—at least for that moment—the only thing in the world that matters; and
  2. Constant eye contact that shows he is—at least for that moment—the only person in the world who matters.

Everything else is icing on the cock.

(So to speak.)

Comments like that are the things that make me wish I could put my cock in your mouth.

Blowjobs like that are the things that would make you keep coming back to put your cock in my mouth.

And make you keep cumming. ;)


I’ve been working hard to develop my oral skills ever since I joined my high school’s debate team, but there’s nothing like having the opportunity to practice with a partner.


Having an amazing time! ;P


very hot!  I actually had an experience where I was on my back masturbating shamelessly as 4 guys stood over me and around me watching me as they stroked their big cocks until they came all over me, one at a time.  It was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had because I love being watched and love watching/feeling a big cock shoot hot cum all over me, and watching this brought the memory right back.

both of these guys have really nice cocks and both are big cummers, just like the 4 guys that came all over me that night, and I also should mention that another aspect of it that turned me on like crazy was the fact that my husband watched it all happen from @ 10 ft away *blush*



All I wanna know is can you come a little closer.


Almost came in my pants watching this video again… Incredible hot wife with her legs open for a black lover being fucked on camera, most likely for hubby.., hot when she gives the finger to the camera, even hotter to see she is having a hard time taking that big dick in…

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A great performance. For lots of reasons

  • Good looking woman
  • Big wet load, the sort that’s more difficult than the thick stuff because it squirts up the nose, it runs in our eyes and hair  … and everywhere really.
  • She takes the shots without flinching.
  • She opens her eyes afterwards, and that’s always a nice sexy touch.
  • She gives the guy proper afterkisses rather than reaching for her towel and spoiling the mood.

… and it’s a hi-res vid so we can really enjoy the show.

So if you’re giving your guy head this weekend, Ladies, be inspired ! I know I am …

good job

Now that’s the way to worship a cock. You know the only way to make this even better? If she’d been wearing glasses, she could’ve kept her eyes open. ;)


B-Day present for my bestie!! We are so gosh darn adorable :)!!! I LOVE YOU AKIRA!!!


“Oh my God, It’s Huge!!” 


“Oh my God, It’s Huge!!” 

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